Why iphone 12mp camera is better than android 64mp camera?

First of all high megepixel is equals to better photo quality is just a myth there a are a lot of factors which depends upon your camera quality

Why iphone 12mp camera is better than android 64mp camera

Some of them are

1. Sensor-The sensor of camera is most important because it will capture the light.The larger the sensor it will capture more light.Bigger sensor means better quality.

2. Lense-quality of lense matters in photography.Lense will determine the quality of image.

3. Image processing- image processing helps your phone to capture pictures quickly and it helps in colour representation of image.

4. Components-The components that are used in your phone camera helps to make your image better.

5. Processor-The camera send the image to processor and the processor optimise it.Processor is just like brain and camera is eye.It determine functions like 4k support, video stabilization and etc.

These are the reasons reasons why iphone camera quality is good apple use sony lense but due to apple processing system and optimization the image that came from iphone is better than sony phone but apart from it google pixel phone’s are also there in market they are in battle with iphone if we talk about camera their phone cameras are also well good.

At last I am saying please don’t judge any phone camera by its megapixel it’s just a number there are several other factors that determine the quality of image not only megapixel is important.

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