Redmi note 9 pro fingerprint sensor problem solution

Redmi note 9 pro fingerprint sensor problem

Redmi note 9 pro fingerprint sensor problem solution:

Are you a xiaomi smartphone user and you are facing fingerprint problem in your redmi 9 pro smartphone and you don’t know how to solve this problem. If yes then you are in the correct place, we will guide you how you can solve your smartphone fingerprint sensor problem. You just have to do is, simply please read the whole article carefully from starting to end and after it will you will easily solve this problem.

How to fix redmi 9 pro fingerprint issue

  • Turn on your redmi 9 pro smartphone.
  • Now go to settings.
  • Scroll down and click on password and security.
  • Remove your old fingerprint and delete it.
  • After it just go back to settings menu again and after it click on apps.
  • Click on manage apps.
  • Search system launcher and click on it.
  • Now force stop it and clear the data and cache of it.
  • Now just restart your smartphone and check again and your problem will be solved completely.

I hope now you have successfully solved your smartphone fingerprint sensor if yes then congratulations. Incase if anyone is there who is still facing the problem after applying this solution also. Then i recommend you to do a factory reset in your smartphone and after it your problem will be solved hundred problem. Incase if this fails then it’s any hardware problem. To fix it you have to visit any xiaomi service center near your locality, don’t worry replacing fingerprint sensor will not cost you a high price.

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