Redmi note 9 fingerprint sensor problem solution

Redmi note 9 fingerprint sensor problem solution

Redmi note 9 fingerprint sensor problem solution:

This article was written on Tuesday, june, 14, 2022

By author shrey

Privacy and security is not only important in our life, it’s also important in our smartphone. Today we will discuss how we can solve redmi note 9 fingerprint sensor problem. In recent days i got lot of comments and messages in my mail about this fingerprint sensor problem. There are literally thousands of people there in the world who are facing the fingerprint sensor problem in their smartphone and they don’t have any idea how they can solve it. Well mostly this problem happens because of technical glitches in the smartphone and these things can be easily solved just by following some instructions.

You can also solve this problem very easily, hear below i have written one of the most working and easiest method. You just have to do is follow all the instructions carefully one by one and after it you will easily solve this problem.

How to solve it

  • At first turn on your redmi note 9 smartphone.
  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on password and security.
  • Now remove your old fingerprint and delete it.
  • Go back to settings menu again.
  • Click on apps.
  • Click on manage apps.
  • Search system launcher and click on it.
  • Now force stop it and clear the data and cache.
  • Now restart your smartphone and check whether your problem is solved or not and you will see your problem will be completely solved.

Hope this article was helpful for and you have successfully solved fingerprint sensor problem. Incase if anyone is there who is still facing the problem after following this solution also then you can just comment below our team will definitely help you in solving your problem.

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