Redmi note 3 charging problem solution

Redmi note 3 charging problem solution

Redmi note 3 charging problem solution:

Check your charging cable

Most of the time many users face the problem because of this reason, if your charging cable is too old or if it is damaged then it’s time to change it. Most of the time when our smartphone charging cable gets old it starts loosing it’s capacity and power to charge our phone. In result we see problems like slow charging or sometimes it doesn’t even charge.

Check your charging adapter

Now this is the second reason behind the problem. Check your power adapter, if it smells like burned then there must be any short circuit happen in your power adapter. You can just purchase a new one from amazon and replace it with the old one and after it your problem will be solved easily.

Clean your charging port

Many times this happens with many users, sometimes dart, dust type particles stuck there inside your smartphone charging port and this cause our charging port problem. Like it creates difficulty in connecting our smartphone charging port with the charger. To fix it there is a easy solution, pick a brush and put it inside your charging port and gently clean it, do it properly the way it will not damage anything else it can create a big problem. After it check again and you will see your problem will be solved.

Replace your charging port

If everything in your smartphone is all ok but the problem is still there then this is the main problem. Most probably there is some people in your charging port, i recommend you to please visit any authorised xiaomi service center near your locality and check there if there’s is any issue then they will replace your charging port and after it your problem will be solved.

Redmi note 3 charging problem solution