Learn how to fix realme 5 charging problem

Learn how to fix realme 5 charging problem:

If you are facing charging problem in your realme 5 smartphone then please follow the below steps to solve your problem

Learn how to fix realme 5 charging problem

Check your charging cable

Most of the time many users face the problem because of this reason, if your charging cable is too old or if it’s damaged or defective then it’s time to change it. Most of the time when our smartphone charging cable gets old it starts loosing it’s capacity and power to charge our smartphone. In result we see problems like slow charging or sometimes it doesn’t even charge our smartphone.

Check your power adapter

Now this is the second reason behind the problem. Check your power adapter, if it smells like burned then there must be any shor circuit happened inside the circuit. It’s better to replace with a new and original one (https://www.flipkart.com/realme-vc54gbin-vc54gbih-20-w-4-mobile-charger/p/itmb073f2ca2c31c) from here can buy the original one and replace it with your old power adapter/ charger and after it your problem will be solved.

Clean your charging port

This also one of main reason behind the problem, sometimes dirt, dust and some other unwanted particles stuck there inside our smartphone charging port and this crate difficult to connect our charging cable with the charging port. Pick a small straw and put it inside your smartphone charging port there clean your charging port, do it carefully the way it will not damage anything. After it your problem will be solved.

For video help how to clean smartphone charging port

Replace your charging port

If you have tried a lot of things but non of them work then this is the read reason. Mostly probably your smartphone charging port is damaged. You can just visit any authorised realme service center near your locality and there replace your old charging port with a new one and after it your problem will be solved.

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