Learn how to fix lg ac ch 05 error, fix it in easy steps

Learn how to fix lg ac ch 05 error, fix it in easy steps: Are you facing ch 05 error in your lg inverter ac if yes then read the article this article will help you in solving your problem. If you are getting the ch 05 error code that means you are getting the communication error, yes we call the ch 05 error as communication error. In this error you are facing communication problem between indoor and outdoor unit. Mostly this problem happens when you have short circuit inside your outdoor unit or if any wired is burned or if any wire is broken inside the circuit these are the three main causes of the problem. When this happen the indoor unit can’t receive signal from the outdoor unit and hear we saw the ch05 error in our remote control.

How to fix the ch 05 error

  • Separate the indoor unit side penel and open the control box cover.
  • Measure the n and c communication terminals, the value should be between 0 to 35 volt.
  • If the value is ok then check the pcb and communication line between the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Separate the main pcb of the indoor and the outdoor unit.
  • Check carbonization and fuse and anything has any issue then fix it.
  • If everything is good but the error is still there then check the wires if any issue is there then change the wires this will fix your issue.

Hope this article was informative for you and if this doesn’t then. I recommend you to please check your ac to any ac service problem or check it in any authorised lg ac service center near your locality locality. This will be a better idea.

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