how to fix xiaomi camera error

How to xiaomi mi phone camera issue

If you’re having camera problem on your xiaomi phone or tablet then it’s so simple to solve you just have to follow my steps these will definitely help you in solving the problem

At first see your camera permissions. If any necessary permission is disabled then you have to enable it.

how to fix xiaomi camera error

If it’s all correct but you still face the problem then you have to follow methods to solve the issue.

method 1.

1. go to setting.

2. go to system apps.

3. go to camera.

4. go to restore default setting.

5. click ok.

6. restart the mobile.

7. your problem is solved

method 2.

Reset all settings to factory default.

1. Go to general Settings.

2. Tap Backup & reset.

3. Tap Factory data reset.

4. Next you can decide if you want to remove the downloaded apps and the contents in the external SDcard.

Once you’re ready, tap Reset phone.

method 3.

  1. Go to updater.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Reboot to Recovery Mode.
  4. Now, select the language English by navigating using the Volume down button.
  5. Now select Wipe System Cache.
  6. Click Yes.
  7. Now click on Reboot to System.

After it let your phone to complete the boot setup and when it will be finished you can use your camera normally.

reasons behind xiaomi camera error

  1. hardware issue – It may be due to breakdown of any part of your phone.
  2. software issue – if you have downloaded any corrupted file from any unknown site then you may face xiaomi camera error.
  3. installation of third party app – if you have given permission to any unauthorized application then it may block your default camera permission.
  4. virus – if you have any file which is infected by virus then it can also block your camera.

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