mi phone speaker not working, fix it in easy way

Hello mi users if you are frustrated in the problem “mi phone speaker water damage” then this article will definitely help you in fixing the issue in this article i have mentioned why this problem happens and how can we solve the problem.

There are three tricks which will help you to repair your speaker problem

First why this problem happens. In simple way this happens when you have putted any unnecessary things on your phone speaker like dust or water. Particles like dust/ water they block your speaker and result your speaker doesn’t work.

Now I’m telling you how to fix it

  • Restart your phone
  • dial *#*#6484#*#*, to open interface to test hardware.
  • Test your speaker put it on high volume and check.
  • If it works your problems is solved

Trick 2.

  • First switch off your phone.
  • Put it on dry rich or place your phone near sun light so that if any water. molecules goes on it it will be out.
  • Clean your phone softly with cotton or brush so that if any thing goes inside it will cleaned.
  • Now when you will turn your phone on increase your volume and you will see that your speaker is working.

Trick 3.

If you have completed all the above steps and you are not getting any results then this help you.

  • Download a app sonic sounds wave generator with all tones from play store or you can download any other app also which can generate sonic wave our main intention is to remove the water from the speaker and high sonic waves will helps you to remove the water molecules from the speaker do this process 5-6 times and shake you phone downward/speaker side and it will solve your problem.

I hope you have solved your problem and incase you haven’t then sorry to say but your speaker is damaged to fix it you have to visit mi service center.

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