How to fix iPhone green lines on screen

green lines on phone screen
green lines on phone screen

Hello iphone uses hope you all doing well today we will talk about green line issue that apple user’s face.Mostly people who are using OLED display iphone they face the iphone green line’s issue in simple words in this problem the user see green lines on his phone screen it’s really irritating. Read the whole blog post in the article we will discuss why the green line issue comes on our phone and how we can fix the issue.

Why this happens

How to fix iPhone green lines on screen

Well the most predictable reason is hardware problem if you have dropped your phone or if any liquid particle goes inside your phone then it may have damaged your phone display or any other hardware part because of it you are facing the issue and in this case you have to change your display.

How to fix it iPhone green lines

1. Update your device to latest.

  • Connect your device to internet.
  • Go to Settings > General then tap on Software Update.
  • Click download and install.
  • For update now tap on Install.
  • Wait for a couple of time it will take time and after it the process will be completed.

2. Reset all settings on your phone.

How to reset iphone
  • Go to settings.
  • Tab on general.
  • Then click reset
  • Then Click reset all settings(you may have to enter your password).

3. Go to phone and dial *#0*# and then adjust the green red and blue to see if that clears it up.

4. Change your your iphone display. If you have tried all my tricks that i have mentioned and after following all the methods if you still facing the issue then your phone has issue on your hardware you have to replace your phone screen you can do it by your own or you can contact Apple care.

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