Boat airdopes 171 charging problem solution

Boat airdopes 171 charging problem

Boat airdopes 171 charging problem solution:

We all know boat is one of the powerful name in indian audio market it has almost 43 percent share in indian tws earbuds market. Like every 10 tws earbuds sold in india, 4 are of boat. If we compare this data with other tws earbuds brands like samsung, realme, redmi, mivi etc.. then in most selling range non of these brands can beat boat. Well but not matter how good it is or how popular it is, sometimes problem happens in this also. Recent days many users have complained about the boat airdopes 171 charging problem.

Well don’t worry if you are facing the problem, here below the article we have written two easiest solution of this problem. You can try these and this will definitely solve your problem.

Learn how to fix it

Solution 1.

The first and the easiest solution of this problem is, at first let your both the airdopes 171 completely discharged. After it charge them for 2 to 3 hours and after it check again and you will see your airdopes will charge properly. Most of the time when two airdopes can’t pair between them, if any one of them battled is totally dead then it creates problem in charging also. If both the airdopes will discharge then after after it if they are charging equally at one time then this problem will be solved.

Solution 2.

  • At first disconnect the airdopes if any device is connected with it.
  • Now put them in their case.
  • Now press and hold both the earbuds for 10 seconds.
  • Now when it will be turned off press and hold both the earbuds for 10 seconds again.
  • Now your airdopes will be reset and after it your problem will be solved.

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