Boat airdopes 131 charging problem solution

Boat airdopes 131 charging problem solution:

This article was written on 10 – jun – 2022

By author shrey

Boat airdopes 131 one of the most popular and most selling earpods in india. When it was launched it just created a crazy boom in indian audio industry market. From local stores to flipkart and amazon everywhere it was on demand and why not it will create hype and monopoly. The built quality and audio quality boat has given in the price range it’s not given by any other audio company. Like now in 2022 it been 2 years of this product, it was launched in 2020 and now hear we are in 2022 but the product is still leading the market even if it’s 2 year old. Well but sometimes we face some issues also, hear is also the same scene. Some users have complained that they are facing charging problem in their airpods.

Sometimes this issue is very normal we can’t criticize the company, we face it just because of some simple technical problems in our airpods and we can solve it easily. Hear below we have written three easy solutions of this problem. You can try these and this will definitely solve your problem.

How to fix it

Method 1. Reset your airdopes

  • Disconnect your boat airdopes 131 if any smartphone or any other device if it is connected.
  • Put it into the case and close it.
  • Now take the airdopes out and press three times on the button of both the airdopes.
  • Put it back again on case.
  • Now charge your earbuds again and you will see your problem will be successfully solved.

For video support how to reset airdopes 131

Method 2. Let it be completely discharged

Hear you have to do is if any one side of your airdopes is not charging then let it be completely discharged and after it charge it again and you will see your problem will be solved.

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